All students have the opportunity to reassess when they are ready to demonstrate mastery. If you are ready, please complete the retake form below to request a retake. Remember:
  • You must describe at least two actions you've taken to prepare for the reassessment. If you have not adequately prepared, you cannot reassess.
  • You can be reassessed on up to three standards in one retake.
  • Retakes are only scheduled on Thursdays (during lunch or after school).
  • Remember that any requests received after Wednesday morning (8:30am) will not provide Mr. Z with enough time to create a reassessment for Friday, and therefore must wait until the following week.
  • During a unit, the retake score will replace the score on the most recent quiz assessing that standard. After a unit has ended, the retake score will replace the score on the unit test.
  • No retakes will be offered during the two weeks before the Final Exam at the end of each semester. All retakes must be completed before this time.