_Mr. Z's Resource Page_
Online Tools:

EDPuzzle: Tool for creating/adapting videos

Plicker: Tool for polling the classroom using your phone

Real Data Sets:

TuVa Data sets for students and teachers to access. Will have courses on Data Literacy soon!


Problem-Based Learning for College Physics: Collection of authentic challenges/projects for each unit of a typical physics curriculum

Science-Related Videos:

The Mechanical Universe: Collection of videos on major physics (and some essential math) concepts

Science 360 Videos from NSF

STEM Concept Videos by MIT

A Brief History of Nearly Everything: Narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, this short video (8.5min) gives a brief overview of the history of our universe (from a cosmological standpoint)

Interactive Video Vignettes: Ungraded web assignments for introductory physics students that couple online video and video analysis with a tutorial. Most take about 10 minutes.

Physics Girl: Collection of videos explaining science phenomena.

Mark Rober's YouTube Channel: He conducts some awesome investigations and explains the science behind them really clearly.

Veritasium: YouTube Science Videos!

Bozeman Science Physics Videos: Here is a collection of videos made by a physics teacher on common physics topics.

CK-12 Foundation Resources: Includes lessons, texts, simulations, and other helpful resources!

Direct Measurement Videos: Website full of videos that students can make measurements off of in order to make certain predictions

Professor Matt Anderson's Physics Videos: Made by a Physics Professor for his students!

Physics Teaching Technology Resources: Website full of videos to inspire more conceptual understanding (Etkina)

NYTimes Science Videos: Varying topics.

NBC Learn Videos: Varying Topics (Not just science!)

Inside Science: Varying Topics

TedEd: Varying Topics (Not just science!)

SciShow: Varying Topics

Crash Course: Varying Topics (Not just science!)

MIT K12: Varying Topics

Mrs. B's Physics Fabulousness: Flipped Videos

Win? Fail? PHYSICS!: Collection of Physics Videos

Visualizing Newton's 3rd Law: Video posted by Frank Noschese

Lab Out Loud: Audio Clips on Science-Related Topics

IO9 Human Cannonball Segment

TV Ontario: Videos that Explain Electricity

Kurzgesagt: Fun Videos on Cool Science Topics

Real Engineering: Fun Videos on Interesting Science Questions

Crash Course: Videos that run-through of certain physics topics

AAPT Films: Collection of YouTube Videos on AAPT culled together

Annenberg Lerner Physics Videos: Collection of videos on topics in Modern Physics

Other Stuff:

Projects for Physics II:

Listen Current: Collection of current articles in the news that have been "processed" to allow students to connect with them. Not free though.

PHYSICS: Website that highlights current research at a level appropriate to juniors and seniors (and beyond). Great for research!

Newsela: Website for current event articles for which they have a variety of reading levels (of the same article!)

Try Engineering: Page full of engineering resources - good for students who are interested in the field.

MonkeyJam: Tool for making StopMotion Videos (possibly have students use this to create "video models"? although iMovie would work just fine for this too...)

Teacher-Led Professional Development: Website full of resources for teacher-leaders.

World's Largest Lesson: Resources and lesson plans for teaching students to think about significant global issues.

AAPT Physics Challenges: Problems from AAPT issues.

Pretty Good Physics: Host of free, downloadable physics textbooks

KG Physics Class: Varying resources

NASA Wavelength Blog: Resources and Current Events

SPARKS: Circuit Simulations (useful assessments)

Cornell Lending Library: They send you materials for labs to use with the students for free (you just have to send them back once you're done)

Online Textbooks:

  • CK-12 Resources
  • Boundless.com
    • Note: You'll have to create an account, and search for physics resources. This is not the most straight-forward resource, but it does have quite a lot!
  • Project Physics
    • I'm not sure how much is actually here. Take some time to go through this.
  • Open Textbooks
    • The author has compiled a list of tons of open resources. Definitely go through this to identify supplemental resources.

Interesting Science Books for Students:

  • From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne (available online for free here)